Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy Mail Day

Despite all the bad news on Swap-Bot (bullies and flakers) I still love it because there are still a lot of great swappers. 

Last week, I received these (on the same day).

From USA, love all the bits and pieces.

From Finland, an even bigger package. I never thought flat package swap can be so much goodies!

Aaaa... What happy mail day.

And last week, I bought these over the website. Our local postal office don't have such nice stamps because they only have definitives stamps, so I have to get these on the website. And I end up spending $196 just on stamps. 

I love putting lots and lots of stamps on my mail. :)


Marchella Loofis said...

Whaaa. What a really happy mail day for you. I always want to receive that incoming mail like yours. Love love your blog ;)

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Melissa said...

I love your blog too!

I love snaimail! and yours is so cute!!!

Love, The mind of an exchange

Jabi said...

You just got an AWESOME blog comment! Heheheh...

No, that's just me.. saying that you have an awesome blog. Keep posting pictures that you have received on snail mail ^^

Lovely stamps out there:)

Abigail (abbyaguas)
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Unknown said...

You have picked out such lovely stamps. I never thought to order stamps online- my post office never gets the really good ones either.
Davisbabe from Swap-Bot Follow me #11

Stephanie said...

Those stamps are cute. I love seeing all the stamps that people use, no two countries are exactly the same, so I get to see all kinds.

Stephanie - Follow me #11

Lenka ^^ said...

simply lovely !

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