Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Visit to A College Market

After always going around markets and bazaars as vendor, I rarely visit as shopper. And today I went to visit one of my good vendor friend at a college market. After leaving university life for more than 5 years (don't want to reveal too much of my age..LOL), going to this college really brought back a lot of memories. But this upstream college has too many to offer compare to the uni that I attended back then. I can see Starbucks, fancy cafes, shopping places, what a blissful life for students nowadays.

When I reached, my friend was just setting up her booth. Just the right time to snap some photos.

This is how the whole bar of soap looks like before cut. (yes, inside a milk carton, isn't it cute)

Taking out the goodies. It's black because it's full of poppy seeds. Great for scrubbing.

 She forbade me from taking her pictures, so I can only show the hands at work.

One of the best seller. Soap with loofah embedded. Natural loofahs!


Essential Oils

For more bath goodies, go to her fanspage : The Bubble Lab

And I spotted another cute stall. It's so cute and pretty and I couldn't resist to stop by and snap some picture and talked to the nice girl. She gave me her namecard but I'd misplaced it. :(

 I spotted a cupcake tin.

This stall is so pretty and cheerful. I used to spend so much on stuff like this.

Cute plushies. I got to know that it's call Me Too.

So many lovely metal tins. I know a lot of people loves to collect the. I bought the red Alice in wonderland.

I met a few more vendor friends, but I got too chatty with them and forgot to take pictures of their lovely stalls. I will do a better market photographer job next time!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello Sun

I woke up early today. Bright sunshine greeted me cheerfully and so I start my day by greeting back at the sun.


1. Golden Sun Pottery by claycoyote
2. Yellow sun prints by ellothere
3. cute sun plushie by elbooga
4. sun yellow shirt by janeyclothing
5. huge happy little sun amigurumi plushie by comfort creatures
6. the sun acrylic on wood by tad carpenter
7. sun pendant necklace by mickeyjohnson
8. the morning sun abstract print by misval
9. amigurumi sun by the sun and the turtle