Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daisy ATC

It has been some times since I draw and paint. And last night I made this for a Swap-Bot ATC swap, theme was, obviously 'Daisy'.

I like how it turned out. Simple and soft. And I tore off the pages from Pride & Prejudice that I am not ever going to read. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Whipping Day

Taking a day off, did some groceries and pick up something for a friend from a nearby bakery. Couldn't resist myself when I walk into a bakery shop, it's exactly like a craft shop. As I wander around exploring the shop, I saw this Savoiardi biscuit fingers and I fired up google on my phone for easy tiramisu recipe. And started to pick up my ingredients. You don't a lot of complicated ingredient and also don't to bake (I don't have oven yet), just chill in the fridge and we will get this romantically delicious pick-me-up. And today I will try to whip up my own tiramisu. No coffee liquor thou, and I'm going to add extra expresso. 

Will post some more pictures when I'm done. 

Done and sitting in the fridge. It's quite easy but I didn't make enough coffee so I have to make a few rounds of coffee. I'm dying to know how it tastes.

It's a success. Virgin tiramisu, I bet with liquor will be better. 

Will definitely make this during parties. 

Recipe from Gorden Ramsey's easy tiramisu recipe. Worth a try, it's really easy and it was my first attempt.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mail boxes

This is where I always mail my stuff. I threw in 4-5 pieces of pretty mail every week. Highest record being 11 mails altogether. Yes, this year I have been a good snailmailer, but not a good blogger.

Postal rate has gone up crazily last week. But nothing will stop me from writing and writing and writing. 

Because it always... ALWAYS made my day when I came home to a pile of these. ❤