Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beautiful Wedding Invitation

Wedding invitation cards are always lovely and pretty and everything nice. And if they are handmade cards, it will make them ten fold more lovely, pretty and everything nicer.

1. The Natalie invitation by invitesbyjen
2. Modern Love wedding by MadluDesigns
3. Happily Ever After wedding notecard by happydaystudio
4. Wedding invitation card by twosillysisterphoto
5. Purple Daisy invitation card by Invitationsandsuch
6. Pink flower shower invitation card by KMThomasDesigns
7. Vintage inspired wedding card by roxterdesigns
8. Emerson by steliedesigns
9. Chocolate Knot by justpeachypaperie

Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Apple A Day...

An apple a day will make us really really happy. Apple, cherry, strawberry, watermelon are among my favourite fruits. Ooo...not forgetting promegranate. They are just so beautiful :)

1. Hand crochetted apple cozy by UnravelMe
2. Apple tree earrings by LiciaBeads
3. Apples big and small original oil painting by tycfineart
4. Red apple journal by edessedesigns
5. Red amigurumi by elishacopeland
6. Apple of the forest necklace by LaNinja
7. Apple teacher dish by thebrickkiln
8. The little apple illustration by ickleson
9. Applistic pendant by caughtredhanded

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angela Vanderbogaard

Artist : Angela Vandenbogaard (aka Jelly Bean)
Country : Canada
Website :
Blog :
Shop : Etsy Artfire

Tell us a little about yourself.
I'm currently a student studying to be a radiology technologist (xray technologist), and before that I went to university of medical sciences. I live with my furry friend, Oreo, in northern-ish Ontario.

What is art for you?
Art is a way of expressing yourself, and projecting your thoughts, emotions, ideals and feelings onto paper. It's a way of 'letting the little things go'

Do you also collect other artist's work? Who is your favourite?
On Etsy, I love birdnerd, and I have one of her prints hanging in my room as well as some from Andy Warhol. A few other artists which I both love and admire (on Etsy) are geninne, artofandrewdaniel, dazeychic, and ambera.

Other than creating art, what do you usually do for fun/relax?
I play guitar. In the winter season I snowboard, and in the summer season I bike and play tennis. I'm in love with the beach, and there's no better place to enjoy a good book.

How is life in Canada? Can you brief us a little about your daily schedule?
Life in Canada is starting to warm up, it was definitely a chilly winter! (-40 degrees Celcius on day I remember). My daily schedule: wake up and do the whole shower / eat / get ready routine. I check my e-mails and online venues. And then I race off to school with Jenna (a classmate who lives down the hall). During the day, I get to sit in class - some days are lab days, and that's when we're in the radiology lab playing with the x-ray equipment and taking x-rays of phantoms ('fake' people). After class - I'll run to the printers / post office if I need to. If not, I go home. Sometimes the gym is mixed in there somewhere. From there, at home it's dinner, homework and artwork. Since artwork started as a hobby, it's no surprise that most of my "free" time from school is filled with artwork, because I enjoy it and it's a nice break. Oreo keeps my company - often sleeping on my desk, or all over my notes and textbooks.

Are you a full time artist?
Right now, I have no job. But I'm also in school, so in one way I'm full-time, but in another I'm part-time. And, I will be getting a job during the summer to try and save some money for next semester. Even then, when I'm working two jobs - the hours I put in, I would consider it full time.

What or who inspire you?
My aunt inspires me, Connie Geerts. She's a great inspiration that you *can* make it in the art world if you put yourself out there. I'm also inspired by all the artists on Etsy, every time I'm browsing - it's just so inspirational that I just want to get out my supplies and paint away.

Is there any grand plan for yourself within the next few years?
I'll be graduating college in May 2011. Next year (Jan - Dec 2010) I will be in my clinical placement, working (for free) in the hospital. I'm not sure what impact that will have on my artwork, since it will be long hours, but I'm hoping that I can still continue what I've been building up. After that, it's working (hopefully) full time in an x-ray department, with art still in my life. Maybe I'll go part time later, but I've always managed a job and my business - and until the student loans are gone, that's the grand plan hehe. I'm not sure where I'll be working. I've thought about going out to Alberta for a year or two, but who knows what the future will bring - I'm pretty open about location changes and moving.

Any shout out to the blog readers?
No matter how discouraged you are - just keep working at it. It took me two years before I really took off with my artwork. It like you're being tested about how much you really want it, and you need to *really* want it and be passionate about your work. If you are, no one can stop you :)

Thank you so much for your time. We enjoy your interview story very much. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Weekend Pick - Insects

My favorite insects are dragonfly and butterfly. What about you?

1. Enchanted Garden Necklace by VictorianInspired
2. Steam Punk Cosmic Bee Rings by CosmicFirefly
3. Beetle Giclee Board Print by LexyArt
4. Baby Grasshopper Fine Art Print by YSLstudio
5. Blue Butterfly card by rochelle31
6. Out of Line Art Print by ToxicInk
7. Blue Needle Felted Firefly by BossyFeltworks
8. Cock roach cup by catherinereece
9. Arachnidphobia by cajata

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Such sweet confession illustration by galeh-chan.

I love the soft and sweet artwork.
I never dare to confess....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's beautiful lately?

Today I curated something beautiful from among my favourite sellers. Yellow and orange are not among my favourite colour (favourite is pink), but when I really look at them, they are really beautiful colours too. I think, all colours are beautiful, even black and white.

1. Butterfly and Gerbera in Mango Spice 8x10 art print by artistscs28
2. Austere Polka-Dot Cat original art ACEO by lemonshortbread
3. Awake-Asleep Two Sided Naptime Door Sign by tracybdesigns
4. Nothing but Gorgeous Glass Tile Pendant by ForTheLoveOf
5. Flower Balloon Printable Notecards by littlebrownpen
6. Mon Amour Rose Brooch by Ulaa
7. Bright Tangerine Rosebud Hairpin by FriendlyBanter
8. Darfur. Peace. Now. A Sterling Vintage Map Necklace by sherrytruitt
9. Kawaii Chi Chi Baby Pin by ahyingmui

p/s : I know I browse and promote too much from Etsy. Please do recommend other site where I can find other creative crafters/artist/designers.