Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's beautiful lately?

Today I curated something beautiful from among my favourite sellers. Yellow and orange are not among my favourite colour (favourite is pink), but when I really look at them, they are really beautiful colours too. I think, all colours are beautiful, even black and white.

1. Butterfly and Gerbera in Mango Spice 8x10 art print by artistscs28
2. Austere Polka-Dot Cat original art ACEO by lemonshortbread
3. Awake-Asleep Two Sided Naptime Door Sign by tracybdesigns
4. Nothing but Gorgeous Glass Tile Pendant by ForTheLoveOf
5. Flower Balloon Printable Notecards by littlebrownpen
6. Mon Amour Rose Brooch by Ulaa
7. Bright Tangerine Rosebud Hairpin by FriendlyBanter
8. Darfur. Peace. Now. A Sterling Vintage Map Necklace by sherrytruitt
9. Kawaii Chi Chi Baby Pin by ahyingmui

p/s : I know I browse and promote too much from Etsy. Please do recommend other site where I can find other creative crafters/artist/designers.


Shalom's Cottage Home said...

What a lovely Treasury! Thanks for including me.

Lisa Falzon said...

But Etsy is the best place for creative crafters, artists and designers! :P

But I guess, there is also Folksy that's pretty cool too :)

Thanks for the message you left on my FB page btw ;)

Kim Caro said...

this makes me all cheery and stuff :)

paperwhite said...

Gorgeous stuff, I love the orange and yellow!

Sherry said...

Thanks for including my Darfur necklace. Like a lot of artists, I have my own website, but the visibility that etsy provides, plus a range of talent is why it's probably easy to promote from there.

Lemon Shortbread said...

Thank you so much for featuring my artwork! I love yellow and oranges =) and will love to exchange links with you if possible!

Jaina said...

yay..finally i see beautiful things..the kawaii chi baby pin is so cuteeeeeeeee....

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit partial to pink myself though a nice lavender shade will often do.

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