Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Apple A Day...

An apple a day will make us really really happy. Apple, cherry, strawberry, watermelon are among my favourite fruits. Ooo...not forgetting promegranate. They are just so beautiful :)

1. Hand crochetted apple cozy by UnravelMe
2. Apple tree earrings by LiciaBeads
3. Apples big and small original oil painting by tycfineart
4. Red apple journal by edessedesigns
5. Red amigurumi by elishacopeland
6. Apple of the forest necklace by LaNinja
7. Apple teacher dish by thebrickkiln
8. The little apple illustration by ickleson
9. Applistic pendant by caughtredhanded


Unknown said...

oh thank you so much for blogging my red apple amigurumi!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Licia said...

They are all soo cute!, thank you :)

Jaina said...

the crochet for apple is so cute....

Sara Yard said...

oh, I love them all!


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