Saturday, January 12, 2013


Decoration at my shop (I'm proud with my ribbon rack behind)

Here in Malaysia, all the Chinese are in the mood of Lunar New Year celebration (which is on 10 and 11th of February) and my branches in my shop blooms with pink plum flowers (I did a 2 minutes Google search for the name of this flower). I didn't do much with Chinese decoration in my shop because I not into red and I think Chinese New Year songs are too loud. The shop next door keep blasting CNY songs (well, better than them keep looping the Gangnam song over and over again). I am happy and couldn't wait for the holiday to come, even though I celebrate Chinese New Year every year, but the mood is too loud and funky for my liking. I am more into Chrismasy feeling, Michael Buble and Diana Krall Christmas songs playing all day long. I hope someone can make jazzy Chinese New Year song, is there any?


Unknown said...

LOve your store and how everything looks. Like a dream place!
And that branch with the flowers looks pretty lovely too!
If I hear about Jazzy New year songs I'll be sure to tell you ;)

jacqueline said...

Your chinese new year decoration is really nice. I like the simplicity. :) It's been a while i visited you here and i love the new look! I hope all is well and good. I still have my Christmas decor up but i think it's time to take them down (passed 12 days of Christmas lol) and put up some chinese new year decor. :) Need to shop for some lanterns at Chinatown. Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

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