Thursday, February 7, 2013

Road Trip

3/Feb : Me and BF went on a short road trip to Genting Highland, the only mountain resort with a theme park and casino in Malaysia.The last time I was here was 3 years go. It's only a 45mins drive.

It's 14 degree C here, it was so misty and windy. Definitely too cold for my liking. I was forcing a smile there. :/

round and round we go

BF went out to watch football, I was alone in hotel room. but it's ok, I brought some stationery, postcards and letter to write. But before I can finish a letter he went back to the hotel room with sulky face, apparently couldn't find any nice spot to watch football.

I never thought I will buy anything here because everything is super expensive (especially food), but Tangs is having their warehouse sales here and everything is 70% off. And Vincci is also having sales, so well...2 pairs of shoes are going home with me.
And then I found this cute gift shop, with a lot of super adorable little trinkets and stuff, so some cute Rilakkuma magnets for my pen pal and a set of cute rubber stamps are following me back home too.


Unknown said...

you didn't go to the casino? I normally hit Genting for that!hehee..

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