Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stamped It

I am home for Chinese New Year, 1 week holiday starting today. And it's time to dig my old stuff hiding in my old bedroom. It's always a surprise what I can find. It's a good thing that I am a collector since I was a kid and now I am having such a good time reminiscing my chilhood/teens memory and hobbies.

And look what I found this time.


It's not a large collection, probably about 20 pieces of them (some mounted on wood, some unmounted) and this is just part of it. I bought most of the stamps, and a few are swap item from penpals and swappers. Some stamps are hardly use and some still NEW!
And obviously I am fan of butterfly stamps. :p

Today, I gave them a very good purpose of being beautiful rubber stamps and started to stamp them on envelopes.

so, is this what you call mail art? :)


jacqueline said...

These stamps are so beautiful!! Happy Sunday and love to you!

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