Wednesday, December 9, 2009

10 Ways to Have a Green Christmas

Let's go for a green Christmas this year, and every other years. How?
Here's some fun ideas:

1. Learn how to make a re-usable, recycleble gift wrapper.
Eco-friendly gift pouch tutorial from Zakkalife.

2. Make your own hanging ornaments.
Red handmade ornament from Create Studio

3. Make your own Christmas tree.
White handmade Christmas tree by Dottie Angel

4. Recycle your old sweater and make them into gift stockings.
Recycled sweater stocking by handmadepretties

5. Give a card made from recycled paper, or even better, make your own card.
Snowflake eco-card by NaturesCubbyhole

6. No paper bags, no plastic bags. Use fabric bag.
Bring those food around with evelynfields lunch bags

7. Print your own gift tags and labels
Free printable gift tags at Giverslog

8. Give organic gift. You'll be surprise that there are a lot of organic varieties.
Handmade CandyCanes soap by Corabela

9. Spare the turkey. This is difficult, I know but at least try this superb recipe.
Vegan Turkey Roast by Chef Brian P. McCarthy

10. Give a tree. Or...give a seed. :)
Delay no more, Plant Now.

Enjoy preparing for a green Christmas. :)


Evelyn Fields said...

I love the reusable gift bag to use for Christmas presents!!

Laura Doyle said...

I love this post! And I adore your've found a new follower. It's so exciting to see my soap up there. Thank you so much!

Jaina said...

I like the make your own Christmas tree. So creative. :)

~SheLLeY~ said...

Love all the 10 gift ideas (especially the socks)! The snowflakes in all the pictures rock~!! Merry Christmas darling... Let's make the earth greener this Christmas!

rObrak said...

Yeah I agree. I also like the idea of the recyclable and reusable gift bag. Having a green Christmas is good enough to enjoy more the said event with our love ones. Another great idea is the exchanging of green gifts as well. Like stainless steel containers for your friends and family.

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