Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Interview : BeaniPet

Crafter : Jun (BeaniPet)
Country : Malaysia
Blog :
Shop :

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
You can call me Jun and I'm a dreamer. I like to share my thoughts with people and I love to create things that makes me and people happy ^ . ^ I'm very down to earth and love to go hunt for great desserts XD I think of myself as a pandabear - dreamer, peaceful, caring and simple.

2. What is art/craft for you?
hmm... art and craft is life, you, people and love. Food can be art and it can be just food and life. A hairstyle is you and art and just a hairstyle. I think everything that evolves around us is art and craft and life. We just have to slow down to appreciate things. ^ . ^

3. What is your favourite craft?
I've got no favourite. Coz to me everything is art and craft. If I have to choose it'll be my Beanies. Seldom see a pillow that comes with ears, eyes, nose and pocket. ^ . ^

4. Other than crafting, what do you usually like to do for fun/relax?
I like to go dinner with my friends and we usually go restaurent hunting to find great food and great dessert places ^. ^ I too love to go to the movies and I love to go to the bookstore~ to see illustration, cook and sewing books and find reading novels too! Oh yah... I also like to cook when i'm not sewing^ . ^

5. Can you brief us a little about your daily schedule?
0800am - Wake up and do my usual morning stuff
0830am - Breakfast, I love to have great breakfast~ sometimes will go out to my garden and take a morning stroll to get some morning vitamin D XD
0900am - On my computer and start answering emails, checking blogs and internet stuff... (have to restrain myself to maximum 2 hours but I'm trying to make it a 1 hour timing)
1030am - start cutting cloth and usually I've already picked my cloth last night when doodling on what I'll sew today.
1100am - sew sew sew
Lunch break when I'm hungry and will surf the net awhile and at days I'll get loads of email so I'll answer them too..
0300pm - continue to sew till evening ^. ^
0700pm - go out buy dinner home for family and sometimes when i cook I'll stop work at 530pm to work on my dinner cooking.
- sewing ends and i'll go do other stuff like movie/tv/books/doodle my next creation and sometimes online to list a Beanie -

6. Are you a full time crafter?
Yes since September 2009! Very happy so far ^ . ^ BeaniPet started in Oct 2008 and I went into BeaniPet full time in Sept 2009

7. What or who inspire you?
What inspires me - life and people. I get loads of inspiration form the things around me. Music/movies/books/cafe/cake/pets/internet/blogs/people i meet/ life...EVERYTHING!
Who inspires me - Wow... A lot... My dad always asking me to deliver quality and work hard and i hold on to his advise in my heart. Loads of artist and author out there who inspires me... gonna pick one of my favourite~ Roald Dahl who believe in dreams and dreamers, chasing their dreams to make it come true yet unbelievably magical.

Kiirey thanks Jun for such inspiring sharings.:)
Happy Crafting~~


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