Sunday, March 8, 2009

About Me

About Kiirey :
Kiirey (pronounced as key-ray) means beautiful (うまい) in Japanese. Kiireyblog is about everything beautiful under the sun with objective of supporting and promoting small independent designers and artists in around the world. Kiirey love things that are beautiful, unique, interesting, comfortable, colourful, special, fun, unique and whimsical for those looking to buy off the beaten path.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Don't forget to check out KiireyShop too who sells only the loveliest and nicest handmade and handpicked item from a lot of talented individuals. We will be introducing and bringing you a lot of beautiful and unique item, handmade and handpicked from around the world.

The Blogger:

Hey hey, my name is Kelly Koo and I am from Malaysia. I love spending hours and hours over the internet, surfing and lurking in indie handmade website such as Etsy, Dawanda, flickr groups and beautiful art/design blogs. And after spending days and nights admiring work of others and shop at Etsy almost every month, suddenly I thought to myself 'so why don't I compile all the beautiful findings and share with everyone?'. So hence Kiireyblog comes about.

Once a while I craft and illustrate too. I love making plushies (especially felt food and plushies), illustrate with ink and acrylic (rubber stamping and painting), and making jewelries. Among my favourite materials are colorful felt, fabric (I am crazy with fabrics and I own a fabric shop at Etsy too), buttons, vintage ephemeras (I don't use them but I keep collecting them) and polymer clay.

I used to work 12 hours/day as an engineer but I realized life is too short and beautiful to be wasted inside cubicle and machine bounded work areas. Such dull and dry career. And so now I am taking part time Graphic Design course and try to start all over again. It's never too late. :)

Contact me if you like me to take a look at your shop/website/blog.

Contact the KirreyBlogger:

Email me at kii [at] kiirey [dot] com

You can also find me at Twitter and Facebook.


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