Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who Needs some Hugs?

I curated today's theme for a very special friend who is going through hardship in life but her closest friends (me being one of them) and family are not by her side right now. I know what she needs most is a good hug, which I'm not able to give her at the moment.

~~Wish you all the best. Hugs and Kisses from afar~~

1. Group hug print by barkingbirdart
2. Playing In Love print by HiddenEloise
3. Hug card by ouou
4. The Long Goodbye digital art by crayonmonster
5. Hug print by elsita
6. Te quiero print by raineedaydesigns
7. Stardust Hug photography by shanekelley
8. Young Lovers print by anicastillo
9. Fools in Love print by Elfies


Unknown said...

Thanks for the shout out, beautiful blog!!

Bethany said...

This is just absolutely adorable!!

Anonymous said...

thanks Kelly! somehow, i need to walk this road by myself..

UniquePaperBoutique said...

I could use a hug...sweet images!

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