Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beautiful Fruit Pomegranate

Pomegranate is such a beautiful fruit. I have not tasted this fruit very often but I can always remember the frest sweetness of it.

Let's see what I spotted on Etsy today.....

Candle holder by dufaguga

How to eat Pomogranate Pinback button by Illustratorsam

Fine art photography by honeytree

Fine art photography by oliviagirdphoto

Pomegranate apron by ellaklara

Pomegranate knitted wire by Yoola

Pomegranate fine art photograhy by ajawin

Blue Bird in a Pomegranate tree print papersparrow

Original acrylic painting by abergiecreation


Jaina said...

wow, you have a lovely blog featuring crafts of all over the world. :)
Btw, I have never tasted pomegranate before but I heard it's good for beauty.

AnniKae said...

I love this post. Pomegranates are a fun fruit...and they look so pretty in the collection you've put together.
Stop by my blog anytime...

...Lupen... said...

Beautiful blog, and great tribute to pomegranates !!
thank you so much :)

Key Lime Creative said...

Anita Berglund doesn't just paint beautiful Pomegranate's. She does a wide variety of flower's, fruit and vegetables, as well as some other organic pieces. I am a big fan of her uses of amazing colours and have several pieces of her work in my home.

Christine said...

Love the polka dots and the pomegranates! :-)

Renée Anne Bouffard-McManus said...

I love, love, love pomegranates!!! So pretty and sooooooo yummy!

laura said...

Your blog looks great- very crisp and well-planned. Congratulations on a great start!

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