Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chat Buddies

Scouted those colourful creation in Etsy's chatroom. Ain't them lovely?

1. Beautiful washcloths by lonetealeaf
2. Very cute necklace by LiciaBeads
3. Felt Circle necklace by getfeltup
4. Fine Art print by leaca
5. Pearl Nest necklace by SeaUnicorn
6. Heart soaps by NemesisProduction


Nemesis_Productions said...

Aw thanks! Very lovely things. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me. Great selections.

Lonetealeaf said...

Thank you for the lovely pimping. hee hee

Jaina said...

pearl bird nest is so cute... :)

UniquePaperBoutique said...

Interesting how lovely washclothes can be! And a beautiful photo of die...

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