Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free as a bird

I'm down with flu. I hate flu, it's making me all flimsy and dizzy. I need some beautiful curation to cheer myself up. Bird is beautiful. Everyone loves to use bird image in their art and design because they are such beautiful creature. Ok, my sentence sounds stupid today, pardon me please, must be the flu pill acting up. Anyway, I'm sure my curation still turn out beautiful.

1. Vintage wren pendant necklace by sophiehillartist
2. Sakura bird linocut collage by SiebenMorgen
3. Handstitched wool felt bird brooch by bridbird
4. Blue peacock print by gordonica
5. Owl linen dot laptop bag by TrackandFieldDesigns
6. The world standing still print by papermoth
7. Look! Deer! original painting by oladesign
8. Soaring necklace by lizix26
9. Spring chicken bowl by PrinceDesignUK


Sophie said...

What a gorgeous collection that you have picked out - and thankyou for including my Wren pendant!

I am now following your blog :o) can't wait to see more beautiful collections put together by your keen eye!


Bridget Farmer said...

thank you for including my felt bird brooch in your lovely curation, i hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I have an award for you. Come grab the award picture from my blog and then give it to 7 other bloggers whom you think are also very KREATIV!


tinee said...

so beautiful finds!! love the necklace pendant and the spring chicken bowl, gorgeous! thanks so much for including my sakura bird...
get well soon!!
tinee from siebenmorgen

Bethany said...

So pretty! =] I've added TrackandFieldDesigns straight into my favourites! HEART THEIR STUFF!

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